Balmuir Friend – Aira Samulin

Balmuir Blogi June 17th 2022


As the new namesake musical production “Aira” held it’s premiere yesterday, retelling the life story of the Finnish actress and fashion icon Aira Samulin, we recall our own visit to Samulin’s elegant city apartment to learn more about the woman behind the scenes: 



At the apartment, we are greeted with tea, coffee and freshly baked cinnamon rolls. Samulin welcomes us in the Palma silk kaftan, which she has styled over a simple black turtleneck. At some point also a bright red Monaco Panama hat appears in her head, giving the outfit her signature finish – a pop of colour, as we learn later on. 
During our chat over coffee and tea, Samulin digs out photos from her personal archives and we get to hear more about her history with fashion. Apparently Samulin has always had a special fondness for fashion. Not only has it held a big role in her own life, but the proximity to fashion runs in family as well: We learn that there have been many tailors and other clothing industry professionals within her family history. Personally, Aira has organised and taken part in various fashion shows, where she has styled looks from head to toe. In fact, it was at the annual charity show organised by the Finnish cancer association Syöpäsäätiö at the Kulosaari Casino, where Samulin encountered Balmuir for the first time. 



Samulin has always been a trailblazer when it comes to style – when ready-made fashion was scarcely available to regular consumers, Samulin traveled the world to acquire fashion pieces. A certain fashion journalist once reported that it was Aira Samulin who brought prêt à porter to Finland. 


But what made Samulin befriend Balmuir? Her and Balmuir share the love for colours and accessories, which is why it comes as no surprise that it was the colours of Balmuir, particularly in hats and scarves which drew her to Balmuir. According to her, she often wears black combined with an accentuating pop of colour, which is demonstrated by the red hat she is wearing. 


Before it’s time to leave, Samulin shares a few more secrets to her style: It’s important to predict and stay ahead of the season’s colours and to be able to move in a garment.