A Work Result of the Highest Standard – Interviewing Our Finnish Manufacturer

Eija Kanniala | Balmuir

Over 50 % of the Balmuir products are made in Europe. Our largest source of production is Italy, but some production takes place in Finland as well. In Kiiminki, Eija Kanniala of Tunnelma Koti Oy has been sewing Balmuir for three years already. The work space of Kanniala is conveniently located only a few steps from her home door in the immediate vicinity of her home.


What kind of sewing projects do you undertake for Balmuir?

I mainly sew Venice cushion covers with piping, Helsinki beanies and ponchos, as well as Lucca capes. I have also been in charge of smaller projects, such as the sewing of linen drapes for the stores, or small repair jobs. For my other clients I primarily sew home textiles so it’s nice to change things up every once in a while, and work with accessories as well.

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What is important to you with regard to your job?

I have always been a hard worker and my principle has always been to never say no to work. Especially with regard to sewing high-quality products like Balmuir’s, it goes without saying that you’ve got to give the work your 101 %. In fact, I have even made some improvements to the sample products, such as a finer finish to the edges of cushion covers in order to ensure the durability of the product. The materials of Balmuir are always of high quality, but they also require precision. Therefore, I want to make sure that the products are made to the highest standard.


What is your typical day at work?

I begin the work day at home around seven to eight in the morning. A few times a week, I go to the centre of Oulu to undertake some sewing work there, in which cases I begin my work only at ten. In addition to sewing, the job also requires lots of cutting, measuring and ironing. For the projects requiring serial production I have my own tools, which speed up the work. For example, the rate of sewing Venice cushion covers is approximately three to one hour. I also regularly take the finished goods back to clients and go get materials for new projects. I only live half an hour away from the headquarters of Balmuir, so the transport works very flexibly.

Venice cushion covers | BalmuirLucca cape | Balmuir


How do you balance out work and leisure time while working from home?

I crave different projects in my life and would not know how to simply sit still. However, it is important to me that along with client jobs I get to spice up my days with my own sewing projects or go for a brief swim on my beach during hot summer days. On my free time, I read books and search for metals from the nearby grounds. Nowadays I don’t sew clothes on my free time anymore, but when I was younger, I used to sew clothes for my now adult daughters.