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Cashmere clothes are timeless, elegant and an exceptionally comfortable choice for cool days. When taken care of the right way, they’ll stay beautiful for years. Hanna Väyrynen, the author of the Finnish blog Strictly Style, favours cashmere specifically for these reasons.

Hanna’s favourites from the BMuir cashmere collection are for example Valencia v-neck knit, Vita skirt and the new, fluffy cashmere knits.

– Cashmere feels silky soft against the skin and always looks stylish. At home it’s lovely to snuggle up in cashmere socks and Lausanne sweatpants, she says.

Even though cashmere sometimes has a reputation of being a high-maintenance material, Hanna thinks taking care of cashmere knitwear is quite easy. She trusts in five simple tips in her routine:


1.  Pay attention to the quality of the cashmere before buying

– I prefer long, thick fibres. I like the firmness of a thicker cashmere knit. High-quality cashmere is more expensive, but it’s also durable. I still use cashmere knitwear that used to belong to my grandmother.


2.  Wash only when needed

– Cashmere clothes rarely need washing. I only wash cashmere if it’s stained. Otherwise cashmere knitwear can just be aired out between uses.

BMuir’s cashmere knitwear can be carefully washed by hand, as long as you follow the washing instructions.


3.  Remove excess pilling with a cashmere comb

– Every now and again cashmere needs a little maintenance with a cashmere comb. There’s no specific cycle, but I’ve noticed that new knitwear should be combed a little more often. In time, well cared cashmere will pill less and less. These day’s people don’t know that much about how to take care of your clothes, but a little effort goes a long way.

Balmuir’s cashmere comb is suitable for tightly knitted or woven fabrics. Place the clothing on a flat surface, hold the comb straigth and gently brush over in one direction with short strokes.


4.  Store your cashmere knitwear folded

– I store my cashmere clothes in the cupboard, neatly folded on their on shelf. I avoid storing cardigans on a hanger, because in time they will stretch and lose their shape.


5.  Don’t worry too much

– In the end, cashmere clothes are meant to be used and sometimes life just happens. You shouldn’t be too careful. I like to wear cashmere at home, where I want to be able to relax.

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