Undyed Cashmere – The New Collection

Balmuir’s AW21 collection will take you as a guest to different places, homes and moments reflecting the core message that life is to be enjoyed.

For the second story of the season, Balmuir invites you along with the members of the Balmuir team, Elle, Juulia, Katri and Maija on a late night beach picnic to find out more about the undyed cashmere collection.


Undyed cashmere


The new collection brings you exquisite softness with undyed premium cashmere. Undyed means that the cashmere has been left in its natural state, without any colour treatment. Instead, the collection embraces the beautiful, earthy shades of natural cashmere wool. The production processes of undyed cashmere require less chemicals and water, thereby making it also a more sustainable choice for the lovers of cashmere. The premium, raw cashmere used by Balmuir comes from the plains of Inner Mongolia: a pristine landscape, lauded on producing the best cashmere fibre in the world.

Undyed cashmere

Undyed cashmere


The collection has a very comfortable and relaxed nature, inviting its wearer to find comfort in any occasion.

“I think it was the most natural choice to bring the collection to the beach, since a beach is a place where people often come to simply be and enjoy the surrounding nature,” says Maija, who has been a part of the Balmuir's marketing team almost ever since the beginning. Today she's behind the camera.

“The art of simply being”, adds Elle, a more recent addition to the marketing team. The ladies all agree. The beach day is begun by enjoying the nature, reading and swimming in the sea.

Undyed cashmere

Undyed cashmere


The sea water has gotten colder.

“The water temperature reminds me of my morning swims last autumn,” Juulia reminisces. Typically she is behind the camera creating content, but today she gets to be in front of it together with Katri, who is a digital marketing native, and Elle.

Katri continues the thought: “Oh, I would love to wrap myself in soft cashmere after a morning swim.” The ladies also make a new friend, as a dog stops by for a few scratches.

Undyed cashmere

Undyed cashmere


As the sun starts sliding down towards the horizon, the ladies hold a painting workshop, taking turns to try and paint the sunset.

“There is nothing more therapeutic than creating something,” says Elle.

“Or watching someone create something,” Juulia adds jokingly while peering over Elle’s shoulder. A bottle of wine is opened, as Katri joins the others on the picnic blanket after taking a 


When the sunset reaches the waterline, it’s time to bring out the candles.

“Décor is so important. When you pay attention to the details, you also remember to appreciate the small things”, Katri wonders. Everyone agrees. The candlelight flickers beautifully. The moon's crest has also come out.

“I wish all work days were like this,” Juulia sighs.

“Oh yes, I would love to be a professional cashmere wearer”, Maija quips. Everyone laughs.

It’s finally time to pack up the blanket, but there is still one question that remains – what are the girls’ final thoughts on the collection?

“The undyed cashmere pieces have a beautiful, natural feel to them. I find the soft and relaxed collection pieces perfect for the cooling nights of late summer, yet still keeping that pampering holiday feel intact”, says Katri, who prefers having her summer vacation in August. Juulia agrees, but adds that for her the cashmere pieces already bring that excitement for the cosy autumn.

“I think the great thing about cashmere is that it’s timeless and can be worn throughout the year. I personally cannot wait for the launch and will surely be looking out to purchase some pieces for myself,” says Elle.

As a lover of comfort, Maija already declares the Lausanne hoodie and sweatpants as her favourites of the collection: "The collection was definitely made for someone like me."

The ladies pack into the car with happy chatter filling the quiet of the crispy summer night. Soon the car disappears behind a curve of the road. What a beautiful day in Hanko.


Undyed cashmere


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