Adeliina’s Staycation Tips for Helsinki


This autumn is the perfect time to travel in your own country. Even your home town can provide new experiences if you keep your mind open. Book a hotel room and take a walk somewhere new. Bamuir’s AW20/21 collection model, actress Adeliina Arajuuri shared with us her tips for a staycation in her home town Helsinki.


Balmuir Marbel


What would you do, if you were on holiday in Helsinki?

Well, this is a fun game! I’d definitely start the day at Kulttuurisauna, bathing and dipping into the sea. The place is lovely and harmonic. Since I’d conveniently be in Kallio, I’d head for breakfast at Way Bakery & Winebar, where they have a cozy atmosphere and the best bread in the world!

After breakfast I’d take a long walk in Kulosaari, where there are endless beautiful things to admire. Idyllic little streets, gorgeous houses and luscious gardens. I’f the weather was nice, I’d continue to the cliffs of Mustikkamaa to look at the sea. Hopefully I’d have a friend with me, but a book would make for good company aswell.

BMuir Benita


I’d finish the day with a delicious dinner at restaurant El Ray, which I think has the best Mexican food in town and a nice, authentic atmosphere

If the holiday continued for more than one day, I’d definitely also visit Suomenlinna, explore second hand boutiques, wander arpund Akateeminen kirjakauppa and museums and of course eat donuts at the cafes of the Market Square.


What are your favourite products at Balmuir?

This is an easy one, it’s definitely Helsinki scarf. I got my first one over ten years ago, and it has been a life saver during cold winters and on long flights. I lovet he biggest size, that can easily be used as a blanket while travelling. My other favourite is Balmuir’s perfectly soft linen bedding.


What are your favourites from our autumn collection?

I think the new coat collection is wonderful. A good wool coat makes the long winter a lot more pleasant. My personalu favourite is Brina coat in cognac. I fell in love with it at the photoshoot, as it’s long enough even for someone tall like me. 



My favourite scarf of the collection is Faith in the shace copper. I’ve only recently learned to use silk scarves, they’re so versatile and an easy way to add a little twist to my simple style.

Adalia is my favourite sweater. I love chunky knits that are easy to combine with different outfits in the autumn.


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