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Personalised Products


Personalised Products

Some of Balmuir’s products can be personalised with the user’s name or initials.
A bag, a scarf or a bathrobe with one’s name or initials is a touching gift or everyday luxury for yourself.

Monogrammed Bags, Wallets and Key Chains

Balmuir’s bags, wallets and key chains can be monogrammed with out additional cost. You can either order your products monogrammed from our web shop or have it done afterwards in our Helsinki Brand Store and Oulu Brand Store by showing the authentication certification delivered with the product.

The beautiful monogram will be made with hot foil print. This takes a lot of care and precision, and monogramming one product can take up to 10-15 minutes.

The placement of the monogram varies depending on the product. You can use all the letters of the alphabet and the symbols &, – and ♥.

Personalised Scarves

Beautiful Highland scarves are made out of 100 % cashmere and suitable for both men and women. You can also have your Highland scarf embroidered with initials of your choice. A classic, fringed scarf personalised with the embroidery is a wonderful gift idea that keeps the user warm physically too.

Highland scarves are embroidered in Tampere, Finland. The embroidery is made tone to tone with the scarf, so the result is elegant and subtle. You can have a maximum of three characters on the scarf. Please note, that the delivery time for embroidered scarves is about two weeks longer than usual, and an additional fee will be charged for the embroidery.

Embroidered Bathrobes and Towels

One of Balmuir’s most popular products is the Portofino bathrobe. Luxuriously soft Portofino is available in several coulours and even in childrens sizes. All Portofinos can be embroidered with the users name or nick name on the back of the robe. How about personalised bathrobes for the whole family? Embroidered bathrobes are also a popular wedding gift, as you can have the robes embroidered with Mr. and Mrs.

For an additional fee, a maximum of 12 characters can be embroidered on the bathrobe and the embroidery will be made in the same colour as the trims of the robe.

Pair Portofino robes with fluffy Lugano towels made out of soft supima cotton. For an additional fee, the towels can be embroidered with the user's initials, tone to tone with the towels.

You can also have an embroidery on Marbel silk pyjamas, robes and sleeping masks. The embroidery will be done in a beautiful crsive font and tone to tone with the products.

Like Highland scarves, Portofino robes and Lugano towels are embroidered in Tampere, Finland. The delivery time will be about 2 weeks longer than usual.