Material: Cashmere


Balmuir kashmir angoravuohi

Balmuir 100% cashmere products are made from the finest Mongolian cashmere in Inner Mongolia. Cashmere wool is combed from the goats, the animal is not harmed in the process. The higher the animal lives, the finer the cashmere. Goats living high on the Mongolian mountains have a thick undercoat that provides a very fine quality cashmere. Cashmere is a warm and lightweight material. It can be used in items like throws, accessories or clothes. For example, Balmuir's iconic Helsinki scarves are made out of this lovely fabric.



Balmuir kashmir  


Cashmere is fairly easy to take care of. Balmuir recommends airing out cashmere products regularly. Tightly knitted or woven cashmere products can also be maintained using the Balmuir cashmere comb. Dry clean is recommended, but cashmere can also be hand washed gently in hand warm water, using a mild detergent for wool.



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