BMuir clothing

BMuir Collection

BMuir collection is a premium line of classic garments made of the finest natural materials. The collection is designed  for quality conscious fashion lovers who value timeless design and high quality materials. BMuir collection is a part of the Balmuir brand.

Versatile Linen Clothing

The BMuir linen collection consist of elegant tops, shirts, trousers, skirts, dresses and tunics. Linen garments are made in Europe using 100 % linen. The products are designed to be very versatile. Read more about the collection >. 

Linen garment is easy to care for and becomes softer after every wash. Linen should be washed in accordance with the washing instructions and shaped while damp. Read more about the care instructions for linen >.

Balmuir BMuir

Elegant silk garments

BMuir silk collection's top and shirts are elegant and timeless. Silk garments are easy to combine with other BMuir knitwear and Balmuir accessories.

Beautifully falling silk is an elegant material that adds a special touch to any outfit. Silk fibres are light and breathable. The material feels light and cool agains the skin in the summer and warm during winter. With the right care, silk garments will give you joy for years.  Learn more about the collection and care instructions >

Balmuir BMuir

Soft Cashmere Clothing

BMuir cashmere collection beautifully complements Balmuir’s product range. Collection consists of wonderfully cosy 100% cashmere knitwear. The products are designed to be very versatile.

The finer and the longer the cashmere fibre is, the higher the cashmere is in quality. The fineness of the fibre is measured in microns. The cashmere fibre used in BMuir clothes is extremely fine: 15,5–16 microns and 34–36 millimetres in length. A quality cashmere product pills less, and the pilling decreases even more after the first wash.

Balmuir recommends taking good care of your knitwear and airing them regularly.  Learn more about the collection and care instructions >

Balmuir BMuir

Smoot silk cashmere garments

BMuir’s silk cashmere clothes are an excellent choice for office wear. Elegant knits and cardigan are easy to match together or with other clothes. The material feels luxuriously smooth against the skin and is warm, yet breathable. Learn more about the collection >