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BMuir by Alexa Dagmar

BMUIR by Alexa Dagmar

If I love anything it’s cashemere! I’ve dreamed of my own cashmere collection for years. It’s a dream to be able to be able to collaborate with BMuir. We share our trust in  timeless quality, which is the very definition of the collection.
Alexa Dagmar, 2019

High quality cashmere knitwear

The BMuir by Alexa Dagmar collection was made in collaboration with our long-term partner Alexa Dagmar. Alexa is a well-known Finnish fashion influencer, making her the perfect choice for the first BMuir collaboration collection.

"High quality materials in my clothes are the starting point for everything I wear, and if I love anything, it's cashmere! For years,my own cashmere collection has been one of my big dreams, and the collection designed in collaboration with the Finnish brand Balmuir is a dream come true. Balmuir's well known quality and timeless design were the starting point for the collaboration. The softness, breathability and warmth of cashmere are truly in a league of their own and once you experience it, nothing else compares to it."

Alexa Dagmar, 2019

Luxurius and durable clothes

The BMuir by Alexa Dagmar Collection consists of 100% cashmere knitwear. Short sleeved turtleneck sweater, sweater with flared sleeves and knit trousers can be combined in a comfortable outfit for travelling or lounging, or styled for an elegant urban look. 

"Even before the first sketches, I had a strong vision of what my cashmere collection would look like. I wanted to create the kind of clothes I've always wanted in my wardrobe: luxurious and durable clothing that is both silky soft at home and a stylish choice for the city. The soft and harmonious colour scheme of my collection draws inspiration from the minimalistic Scandinavian style that is easy to combine and looks current year after year. "

Alexa Dagmar, 2019



BMuir by Alexa Dagmar cashmere knitwear is made in Inner Mongolia, China. The knitting manufacturer manages the entire production chain, as they have their own raw material processing and yarn factories in addition to the knitting factory. 

The Balmuir design and purchasing team is familiar with the various stages of production.

We recommend taking good care of your cashmere clothes and airing them out regularly. Dry cleaning is recommended, but a gentle hand wash according to the washing instructions is also possible. See care instructions>.