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BMuir Cashmere Collection

BMuir cashmere collection is a premium line of classic garments made of the finest 100 % cashmere.
BMuir collection is a part of the Balmuir brand.

Carefully Designed Cashmere Clothes

BMuir Cashmere Collection consists of wonderfully cozy 100% cashmere knitwear.

All knitwear is easy to combine with different looks. Made of the finest Inner Mongolian cashmere, BMuir collection makes you feel comfortable and warm where ever you are.



BMuir’s 100 % cashmere clothes are made of the finest Inner Mongolian cashmere that is extremely valued all over the world. Thanks to the fine, long fibers, cashmere feels very soft against the skin. It is a very breathable and antistatic material.

Cashmere’s fineness is measured in microns. The finer and longer the cashmere fibers are, the better the quality. The cashmere used in Balmuir products is very fine, 15,5–16 microns, and 34–36 millimetres long. Long fibers are less prone to pilling.

Take Care of Your Cashmere Clothes

Cashmere is a very elegant and soft material. Balmuir recommends taking good care of your cashmere products and airing them regularly. Dry clean is recommended, but you can also gently hand wash the product, following washing instructions. Please remember, that cashmere products should be reshaped moist and dried on a flat surface. Learn more about the care instructions >