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Care Instructions

Take care of your mohair Wool blended knitwear

Prolong the life of the product by taking good care of it by following the instructions below.

Daily care:

  • Air out the product after each use.

  • Let the product rest to avoid stretching.

  • Remove pilling gently and carefully. Please not, that we do not recommend using a cashmere comb or mohair brush. 

  • Store your product folded instead of hanging it.

  • Protect your products from pests by storing a piece of ceder wood in your closet.


When washing the garment:

  • Turn the garment inside out.

  • Hand wash the garment with a little bit of wool detergent at a maximum temperature of 30 °C. Avoid using fabric softener or soaking the garment.

  • Wrap the garment carefully in a towel and press out all excess water.

  • Lay the garment flat to air dry and shape the garment back to its original size, avoid direct sunlight.

  • If necessary, steam the product with low temperature.