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Day 6

Day 6

Finland Independence day - 101 facts about Balmuir

Today we celebrate the 101st Anniversary of Finland's independence. In the honor of that we'll tell 101 facts about Balmuir. Did you know them all?

1.Balmuir was founded in 2007 based on a life-long dream.

2.The first version of Balmuir Webstore was launched in 2014.

3.The Balmuir team at the warehouse normally ties up to 15,000 silk bows during Christmas time. If all the silk bows tied at the stores are added, the count will rise up to 20,000 silk bows in one Christmas.

4.The Helsinki cashmere scarves have been sold for years in one of the most popular stores in Paris called Merci.


5. Balmuir has been involved in the making of a popular TV-Series Vain Elämää for over 5 seasons.


6. 561 different names have been embroidered to the Portofino-robe so far.


7. Balmuir started out as an interior decor and accessory brand. Balmuir has from then on expanded to include a diverse range of fashion items.


8. Aurora kid mohair scarf includes 40 different colours in its colour selection.


9. Balmuir Venice cushion covers, Lucca capes, as well as Helsinki beanies and ponchos are sewn in Finland, Oulu.


10. All Balmuir cosmetics have an Ecocertcertification, which means that there have been no syntethics in either cultivating or producing the natural materials of the cosmetics. Also, the cleaning of the site of production must be done with natural materials.


11. One St. Moritz beanie has 714 glass stones.


12. The Balmuir team is located in seven different places.


13. The latest Balmuir collections have been inspired by Italy, Swiss Alps, Greece and Scotland.


14. The first Balmuir Brand Store was opened in Oulu in 2017.


15. The first Balmuir scarf ever was called Hans Peter. The scarf was named after the first customer of Balmuir who is from Norway.


16. The Piemonte glasses and the Winston collection are made of lead free crystalline.


17. The first blogger collaborators of Balmuir were Stella Harasek and Eeva Kolu.


18. The main source of Balmuir’s production of goods comes from Italy. In addition, Balmuir products are made in various countries, such as Latvia, Inner-Mongolia, Peru, and Portugal.


19. It takes two weeks to produce one Balmuir Titanium ball candle.


20. The crystal wine glass of 770 ml from Balmuir Piemonte collection can fit a whole wine bottle of wine inside.


21. The oldest scarves of Balmuir, that are still included in the Balmuir scarf selection, are Helsinki and Highland.


22. The thread count of Palazzo cotton bed sheets is up to 1000, meaning that the high density of the knit makes the bedsheets durable.


23. A Finnish Formula 1 driver, Kimi Räikkönen, is a fan of the Balmuir Cortina cashmere beanie.


24. Balmuir always works closely with the suppliers and visits the sites of production.


25. Balmuir is a part of the Business Social Compliance Initiative, BSCI. The BSCI is a program of social responsibility, which oversees that certain ethics are abided by in the supply chain.


26. Balmuir has supplied Balmuir items to the Swedish royalty.


27. The Perfumed candles are made of vegetable and mineral wax mixture and therefore are completely vegan.


28. From the overall production, approximately 53 percent is based in Europe. The rest of the production is divided into Asia (33 %) and other countries (14 %).


29. The most beloved photo of the Autumn-Winter 2017/18 collection was taken in the height of 3500 m on the peak of Mittelallin in Switzerland.


30. Balmuir Brand Store Helsinki is considered the flagship store of Balmuir.


31. Black Tea (grey) is the most popular home scent of the Balmuir scent selection.


32. Our Italian producers produce also for many other luxury brands, such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton.


33. The most popular colour of all Balmuir items combined is, surprisingly, black.


34. Balmuir uses supima cotton in Lugano towels because it has a super long staple fibre, which gives the material its added softness, durability and the ability to retain colour. Supima cotton production constitutes only 1 % of the world’s cotton production.


35. Balmuir has participated in exhibitions located in Tokyo, Soul, Paris, Frankfurt, Stockholm and Oslo.


36. Aurora Kid Mohair scarf has been the all-time most popular fashion item of Balmuir. The most popular colour of the scarf is “Mink”.


37. The second most popular scarf of Balmuir is the 100% cashmere Helsinki scarf. The most popular colour of the Helsinki scarf is “Black”.


38. Every item in the Balmuir bag collection is finished by hand.


39. All Balmuir cotton bedsheets, towels and robes are made in Portugal and the linen ones are made in Latvia.


40. Forli silk scarf is the most popular scarf among Balmuir silk scarves. The Balmuir-team has so far recorded a total of 8 ways to wear the Forli-scarf.


41. You can find Balmuir products in various high-end hotels. For example, the Kensington lanterns can be spotted in Kämp Spa, Helsinki and our Oxford trunks can be found in The Capra in Saas-Fee, Switzerland.


42. The colours of Balmuir are unique: All the colour dyes of Helsinki, Milan and Aurora scarves are mixed by hand and that’s why no product can have the same exact colour.


43. Balmuir has approximately 30 different scarfs in its ever-changing scarf collection.


44. Balmuir linen is 100% produced in Europe.


45. Balmuir collection includes a wide selection of travel items, which can be personalised with your own initials.


46. The Helsinki scarf is the most travel friendly scarf ever. It’s light, doesn’t take up space in the luggage, and can be worn as a scarf, as a cape, or as a blanket during the flight. And yes, many people agree.


47. The overall number of Balmuir retailers in Japan is 16.


48. Balmuir as of now has 8 different bags and pouches in the Balmuir leather and bag collection. Balmuir also has 6 different wallets.


49. In the last year alone, Balmuir has grown with approximately 20 new employees.


50. The favourite item of the whole collection of the founder and CEO Heidi Jaara is Helsinki cashmere scarf.


51. Balmuir also has shop in shops in both fashion and home at the iconic Finnish department store Stockmann.


52. Balmuir uses only the finest 100% cashmere in its cashmere knitwear collection.


53. The production process of a Balmuir bag can include up to tens of different production stages.


54. Balmuir products have been sold to over 70 countries.


55. Balmuir has three Balmuir Brand Stores, which are located in Helsinki, Oulu and Stockholm. Balmuir also has a franchising store in the Arctic Circle next to Santa Claus.


56. Australia is at the moment the farthest resale location of Balmuir distance-wise.


57. The most recent Brand Store to be opened was in Stockholm in May of 2018.


58. The Balmuir cashmere comes from Inner-Mongolia, which is from where the best cashmere of the world comes from.


59. The Balmuir warehouse is located in Oulu, Finland.


60. We organise approximately 40 customer events during autumn at Balmuir Brandstore Helsinki.


61. The fringes of the Helsinki scarf are twisted by hand.


62. Fact about Balmuir materials: Balmuir loves cashmere because it is a wonder of the nature: It is a hypoallergenic and it also has insulating properties, which means that it keeps you warm without feeling heavy.


63. The linen bedsheets of Balmuir has been one of the most loved linen products over the years and still stay in high demand among customers. The most important aspect of the Balmuir linen products is the premium quality of the yarn.


64. Balmuir got its first big break through in the famous Parisian Maison & Object home decor fair.


65. George Clooney has a grey Balmuir Helsinki scarf.


66. The St. Andrews home textile collection and the Montrose check scarf are the first chequered Balmuir items.


67. Balmuir keeps an active blog.


68. The favourite Balmuir items of the Balmuir product design team are the Balmuir logo throw and the Florence silk scarf.


69. Since launching the Balmuir webstore, Balmuir has delivered parcels through the webstore to over 70 different countries.


70. Balmuir makes all the monograms on products by hand with a special monogram machine. It takes approximately 15 minutes to make a custom monogram on a product. The monogram is made by a hot stamp technique. The monogram machine heats up to 130 Celsius degrees.


71. Balmuir linen storage bag, which comes with the linen bedsheets can be used as a laundry bag or a bag for shoes while traveling.


72. The Balmuir personnel always goes the extra mile.


73. The Kensington lanterns are made from hand blown glass.


74. Balmuir has incorporated 13 different natural materials in its collection of items.


75. The clothing collection expands this spring. Stay tuned!


76. The part “muir” in the brand name Balmuir refers to Scottish fields from where the brand has drawn lots of inspiration.


77. Balmuir started out as a one-woman operation, now it has over 50 employees working full-time.


78. Balmuir products are sold in some of the famous department stores, including Liberty (London), TSUM (Moscow), NK (Sweden), Jelmoli (Switcherland) and Breuninger (Germany).


79. Balmuir has a showroom and offices in Merikortteli, Helsinki and the headquarters of Balmuir and the warehouse are located in Oulu.


80. One goat produces approximately 100g of high quality cashmere wool in one shearing. Hence, one Balmuir cashmere product usually carries the wool produced by 2–4 goats.


81. Balmuir is a member of the Finnish Textile and Fashion union.


82. The products sown in Finland are sewn only 20 kilometers from the Balmuir headquarters in Oulu.


83. Last autumn Balmuir opened new shop in shops in Millan Putiikki, Lahti and in Ratsula, Pori.


84. The First ever Balmuir product was a Milan scarf made of cashmere and silk and a Velvet Ball candle. The most recent product additions to the Balmuir collection have been the knitwear from the Bmuir collection.


85. The most inquired after product been a toiletry bag. Stay tuned for the future...


86. The most exquisite natural materials of Balmuir are the stingray and salmon leather, which are incredibly durable, as well as the elk and reindeer leather, which are both supremely soft.


87. We offer in our Brandstores a complimentary cup of Nespresso-coffee whilst shopping, and help you choose the perfect Balmuir item.


88. The most sold knitwear item of the Bmuir collection is the Vicenza knit tunic.


89. Among the Japanese retailers, the most popular product has been the Aurora Kid Mohair scarf.


90. In the personalisation of our leather products by hand we also offer a heart shape alongside letters.


91. We pack all Balmuir products in a beautiful gift package.


92. The first ever Balmuir office and warehouse was located in Liminka, Northern Finland.


93. The founder Heidi Jaara inherited the passion for craftmanship from her mother.


94. Soon the Bmuir-collection will be grown with alpaca wool knitwear.


95. Balmuir panama hats are made and dyed by hand from the Equadorian plaited leaves of a palmata plant. The making of one hat lasts 2-4 weeks depending on the density of the twine.


96. The product quality control of Balmuir products is centred in Oulu.


97. The Festivo velvet candles have originally been designed for Iittala candle stands. Balmuir started producing Festivo candles in 2011.


98. Helsinki-scarf can be worn during all seasons of the year because of its properties. Cashmere has triple the insulation capacity compared to wool and due to this it maintains the perfect temperature. The thin consistency ensures that the material is perfect for summer nights, whereas the cashmere ensures that the scarf protects from cold even in cold weather.


99. The most popular corporate gift is a Balmuir linen kitchen towel.


100.  The Autumn-Winter 2019/20 collection is inspired by Lapland.


101.  Balmuir will launch its first ever linen clothing collection in the spring.

Happy Independence Day Finland!