ECOCERT and COSMOS certificates

Balmuir cosmetics


Ecocert and Cosmos are internationally recognized and valued certificates for natural cosmetics. In 2017 Ecocert and four other natural cosmetics certificate standards teamed up together to create Cosmos standard. Cosmos comes from the words COSMetic Organic Standard. Cosmos and Ecocert certificates both have two levels, Natural and Organic. Ecocert Natural certified products contain at least 50% of plant-based ingredients, whereas Ecocert Organic certified products contain a minimum of 95% of plant-based ingredients and at least 10% of organic ingredients. Cosmos Organic certificate requires that 95% of the ingredients and 20% of the final product are organic. Cosmos Natural certified products don't have to contain organic ingredients, but the ingredients still have to be naturally sourced, such as water, salt or clay.
Both Ecocert and Cosmos certificates quarantee that the production or ingredients do not include: 
  • Parabens, silicone or other controversial ingredients
  • GMO ingredients
  • Animal testing
  • Synthetic colours or fragrances 
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