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Cotton Percale

Cotton Percale

Cotton Percale Bed Linen

Luxurious Caspian bedding made of Egyptian cotton adds a touch of hotel atmosphere to your home. A special percale weaving method gives the material a beautiful texture and a subtle sheen.

Material Guide: Cotton Percale

Cotton percale is a smooth and extremely soft material that reminds you of luxurious hotel bedding. Tightly weaved percale fabric has a slightly crisp feel to it and a subtle sheen. Percale weaved fabric allows air to get between the duvet and your skin, making the fabric feel comfortably cool. This makes cotton percale an exceptionally good choice for summer months. Balmuir’s cotton percale bedding is made of the finest Egyptian cotton in Portugal. The bedding is made of long and thin fibres with a thread count of 300TC. The durable and easy to care for material only gets better in use. Cotton percale bed linen is at their finest when they’re ironed slightly moist after wash.