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Balmuir Lucca cape is a silky soft and elegant choice for both business style and cozy casual outfit. The Lucca cape is warm on its own but also large enough to wear over coats when the weather gets cold. Available in two sizes and in beautiful, natural colours finished with fringed edges. Balmuir Lucca cape is spun from the finest baby alpaca wool which is a supremely soft, warm and lightweight material. Baby alpaca wool has a lesser tendency to pilling compared to wool and other animal fibers. Additionally it does not hold dust, providing a superior option for those with wool allergies.
Material: 100% baby alpaca wool
Colour: Light grey
Size: 130x180cm
Product care: Dry clean
Package: Balmuir gift package


Balmuir 100% baby alpaca cape is a timeless and elegant outerwear for business as for a cozy day wear. Famous for its luxurious softness and silky texture, baby alpaca is the most rare and finest class of the alpaca fiber. Balmuir baby alpaca products are extremely warm and strong – yet lightweight. Baby alpaca wool is lanolin free and doesn’t hold dust, providing a superior option for those with wool allergies DESCRIPTION Material: 100% baby alpaca Colour: Light grey Size: 130x180 cm Product care: Dry clean recommended Package: Gift packed in Balmuir gift box