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BMuir Coat Collection

A high-quality wool coat is always a stylish choice. Right now we offer 30% off our wool and cashmere blend coats. The offer is valid both online and at Balmuir Brand Stores until Sunday March 14th. Read the campaign rules >


Elegant wool coats

The elegant BMuir coat collection consists of classic and timeless wool coats with exclusive materials such as cashmere. A high-quality woolen jacket is a timeless favorite for elegant look. 

The doubleface wool and cashmere fabric in Bea and Benita coats feels soft and warm upon the touch. Longline Benita coat has a belt around the waist and lining inside. Modern fit Bea coat has a belt around the waist and large pockets in the front making it a practical choice.

Elegant coats look beautiful and keep you warm and comfortable during the cooler seasons. Breathable natural materials are a timeless choice and with the right care, they will bring you joy for years. Learn more about the care instructions >