Monaco Panama hat - Midnight

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Balmuir Monaco Panama hat is a classic model with a wide brim and a little Balmuir pin decoration. It takes 3 - 4 weeks to produce this unique hat, because it is handmade from natural toquilla palm fibers and is weaved in a special way. Balmuir Monaco Panama hat complements your stylish but relaxed outfit. The colour selection ranges from classic to bright tones.

Recommendations for the usage: Do not leave your hat in bright sunlight or very dry locations, colors may fade out.  
If your hat becomes too dry and brittle, you can lightly spray it with clean water.  
Let your hat take some humidity out of the air e.g. in the bathroom.  
Please note, that if packed tightly, in a suitcase for example, the hat may be damaged.
Material: Toquilla palm
Colour: Midnight
Size: M: 57-58cm, L: 59-60cm, XL: 61cm, S: 55-56cm
Product care: Clean by gently wiping with a white cloth and light soapy water, then wipe dry with a white towel
Country of Manufacture: Ecuador


Balmuir Monaco Panama hat is a classic model with a wide brim. It takes 3-4 weeks to produce this unique hat, because the palm fibers are weaved in a special way. All Balmuir Panama hats are handmade from natural toquilla palm fibers. Balmuir Monaco panamahattu on klassinen malli, jossa on leveä lieri. Monaco hattu tehdään punomalla, jonka vuoksi hatun valmistus kestää n. 3-4 viikkoa. Kaikki Balmuir-panamahatut valmistetaan käsityönä panamapalmun lehtiliuskoista Equadorissa. DESCRIPTION Material: Toquilla palm Colour: Midnight Size: S:55-56cm, M: 57-28cm, L: 59-60cm, XL: 61-62cm Product care: Do not leave your hat in bright sunlight or very dry locations, colors may fade out. If your hat becomes to dry and brittle, you can lightly spray it with clean water. Let your hat take some humidity out of the air e.g. in the bathroom. Package: Gift packed in Balmuir gift box

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