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How to Tie a Silk Scarf

Seven Ways to Tie a Silk Scarf

Are you looking for inspiration for your everyday style? An elegant silk scarf is a true wardrobe staple as it brings a polished look to any outfit. Invest in high-quality accessories and you will always have a stylish outfit ready at hand. Discover our tips for polishing up your daily style with a silk scarf:

1. Wrap it around your neck

The most traditional way to wear a silk scarf is to wear it around your neck, of course. Add a playful touch to your outfit with some colour and prints, or stick to a more classic style where the colours form a harmonious whole.

2. Polish up your hairdo

Bad hairdays are left in history when you wrap the Forli silk scarf around a ponytail or a bun for an effortless and chic finish. For a more romantic look, tie the scarf into a bow. For a more advanced hairdo, you can also braid the scarf into your hair.

3. Create a headband or a turban

Switch up your hairdo with a makeshift headband. A silk scarf can be easily transformed into a headband! This tip is also perfect for those with short hair. For hot summer days, a stylish turban comes in handy as it also protects your head from the sun.

4. The perfect belt

Use the silk scarf as a belt or accessorise a loose shirt or a tunic with silk by wrapping the scarf around your waist.

5. Style your bag with silk

We all have that one bag that we love to carry with us most days of the week. However, by wrapping a silk scarf around the handle of your bag you can easily switch up the look and never get bored. Style your bag with a new scarf for each new season.

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6. Beautiful as a jewel

Think outside the box and switch up your bracelet with a silk scarf! The perk of wearing a silk scarf around your wrist instead is that it won’t get caught in your delicate clothes made of fine natural materials.

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7. Wrap it around your shoulders

Pack a silk scarf with you for a perfect day in the sun. A silk scarf is a stylish accessory during the day and during the night you can wrap it around you to keep warm in the coldening summer night. The best part is that the scarf fits into a small space and is easy to carry with.