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Nanna Susi x Balmuir

Nanna Susi x Balmuir

Nanna Susi Art Scarves in Silk

Nanna Susi is a Finnish painter who’s widely loved works are drenched in colour and emotion. Two of her paintings come to life in silk-twill scarves as she joins forces with Balmuir. The subtle sheen of silk and the vivid pattern make the scarves perfect for both everyday wear and festivities. Balmuir Exclusive Collection is available only on Balmuir Webstore and Balmuir Stores.


The Nanna Susi x Balmuir collaboration features Gold Panning and Hidings and Findings, two works based on her experiences in Lapland.

“You must dive into silence, strip yourself, become empty. Plunge in a rippling brook. Climb to the tallest peak, to see truly far. Fill yourself with space, with eternity, with the cosmos, with infinity. Embrace human smallness and the greatness of life, love life, and make magic happen.”

-Painter Nanna Susi

Nanna Susi x Balmuir art silk scarves are only available at Balmuir's web shop and Balmuir Stores in Finland.

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Nanna Susi x Balmuir