Balmuir Store Arctic Circle

Address and opening hours

Koskikatu 18, 96200 Rovaniemi

Tel. +358-40-120-7900



You may also reserve a private appointment at our establishment. You are cordially invited to visit our premises individually or with a small group. To arrange an appointment, kindly contact our establishment directly at +358-40-120-7900


Opening hours

Mon - Fri 11 - 18

Sat 11 - 16




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The Collection

Balmuir is a lifestyle brand offering interior decoration items and fashion accessories made from the finest natural materials. Each Balmuir product is a token of fine craftsmanship and designed to bring joy for years.

Balmuir interior decoration collection covers the living room, study, bedroom, bath and kitchen. Balmuir products give a sophisticated touch to the decorative finishing of an elegant home or office. The products are widely used also in high end hotel and restaurant projects.