High-quality Gifts For Loved Ones
  1. Luigo robe, white
    Luigo robe
    From €180.00
  2. Lugano towel, vanilla
    Lugano towel
    From €25.00
  3. Portofino robe, dark taupe
    Portofino robe
    From €190.00
  4. Portofino slippers, several sizes, white
    Portofino slippers
    From €50.00


Balmuir is a Finnish lifestyle brand established in 2007 offering an exclusive BMuir fashion collection, home decoration products and unique gift items made of the finest natural materials. We derive inspiration from Finnish nature and Lapland. Balmuir products are made by highly skilled partners, carefully chosen with an emphasis on premium quality and sustainability.

The cornerstones of our business are the product quality, excellent customer service, flexibility and joy of doing and creating. We believe that quality is in fashion forever.

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