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  1. Maggiore pillow case, several sizes, light grey
    Maggiore pillow case
    From €12.00 Regular Price €30.00
  2. Como towel, several sizes, mushroom
    Como towel
    From €6.00 Regular Price €15.00
  3. Como towel, several sizes, light lavender
    Como towel
    From €6.00 Regular Price €15.00

SS23 Collection - On the Horizon

The story of Balmuir SS23 collection ”On the Horizon” begins inland in Côte d'Azur, where we enjoy the dawning spring with effortless French elegance. As the hot summer days approach, we take refuge in the cooling sea breeze while sailing the perfectly blue waters of the Mediterranean coast, drawing inspiration from the nautical lifestyle.

The SS23 collection is a celebration of colour, nautical designs and natural materials with a touch of the 70’s glamour of Southern France.

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