Aurora kid mohair scarf

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Fluffy kid mohair scarf has a soft brushed surface and it feels wonderfully soft against the skin.

Fluffy kid mohair scarf has a soft brushed surface and it feels wonderfully soft against the skin. Use as a scarf or a shawl around the shoulders. Hand knitted kid mohair scarf is made of the first hair of an angora goat, which gives the product a unique softness and warmth. Hand finishing gives an individual touch to each product. A goat grows the first hair only once, which makes the material also very unique.

More Information
Product careHand wash in cold water, dry flat. Do not iron. Brush when dry. Dry clean recommended.
Country of ManufactureSouth Africa
Material78% kid mohair, 13% wool, 9% nylon binder
PackageGift wrapping available at checkout
VATAll fashion and home decor prices include 24% value added tax (VAT). Please note that when ordering products outside Finland, VAT is determined according to the country of delivery. The final price will be shown at checkout.

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Care instructions of mohair products

To keep your mohair products beautiful and long-lasting, Balmuir recommends to air them and give them time to rest regularly. You can carefully handwash mohair products in lukewarm water.

Care instructions:

  • Air the product regularly and give it time to rest.

  • Store your product folded instead of hanging.

  • To maintain the fluffy surface, you can lightly brush the surface with a clothes brush. Balmuir also has a mohair brush, designed for maintaining kid mohair products. The product is laid on a flat surface and brushed gently with long, parallel strokes. This regenerates the softness and lightness of the wool. Please note, that the brush is not suitable for mohair and wool blend products. You can remove excessive pilling carefully by hand.

  • Protect your mohair product from moths or other pests by putting a small piece of cedar wood in the wardrobe.

  • Store the cleaned mohair product in a breathable cotton garment bag. We recommend dry cleaning for stain removal.

  • Wash the product only when necessary.

Washing instructions:

  • Dry clean is recommended but you may also hand wash the product using wool detergent at a maximum temperature of 30 °C.

  • Avoid using fabric softener or soaking the product.

  • Wrap the product carefully in a towel and press out all excess water. The products should be reshaped while moist and dried on a flat surface.

  • You can carefully steam the surface with a low temperature but avoid touching the product directly with an iron.

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