BMuir Collection

BMuir Collection

The BMuir collection is designed to offer timeless wardrobe staples, which our customers can use as building blocks for their own personal style, regardless of time and place. All collection pieces incorporate the best qualities of natural materials to ensure style and comfort for an active and vibrant lifestyle.

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Soft Cashmere Clothing

BMuir cashmere collection consists of wonderfully cosy 100% cashmere knitwear. The products are designed to be very versatile.

The finer and the longer the cashmere fibre is, the higher the cashmere is in quality. The fineness of the fibre is measured in microns. The cashmere fibre used in BMuir clothes is extremely fine: 15,5–16 microns and 34–36 millimetres in length. A quality cashmere product pills less, and the pilling decreases even more after the first wash.

Balmuir recommends taking good care of your knitwear and airing them regularly. Learn more about the collection and care instructions >

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Premium Leather Clothes

BMuir leather collection is a premium line of elegant leather skirts and trousers. Add a touch of attitude to your look with sleek, smooth leather combined to your favourite soft sweater.

Clothing made from genuine leather is warm, but breathable, making them an excellent choice for cooler weather. Learn more about the collection and care instructions >

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The Balmuir selection grows with a new, sustainable down coat collection. The shell and lining of the coats are made of recycled polyamid, while the padding comprises sustainably sourced 90% down and 10% feather (RDS), sealed with a special four layer technique to ensure longetivity and premium quality.

The feather soft coat collection will keep you warm all through autumn and winter. View the coat selection >

Elegants Silk Garments

BMuir silk collection's tops, shirts, dresses and skirts are elegant and timeless. Silk garments are easy to combine with other BMuir knitwear and Balmuir accessories.

Beautifully falling silk is an elegant material that adds a special touch to any outfit. Silk fibres are light and breathable. The material feels light and cool agains the skin in the summer and warm during winter. With the right care, silk garments will give you joy for years. Learn more about the collection and care instructions >

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Merino Wool Silk

The extra fine merino wool silk blend is a new material that combines the best qualities of two premium natural materials: merino wool and silk. Balmuir’s extra fine merino wool silk blend contains 75% extra fine merino wool and 25% silk.

Merino wool offers breathable and gentle warmth to the blend. The extra fine merino wool used in the material is called “extra fine”, because the wool quality has a long wool fibre, which ensures a special softness and durability to the material. The silk on the other hand enhances the vibrancy and lustre of the material by reflecting light with a sophisticated sheen. The extra fine merino wool silk blend feels exquisitely smooth and lightweight on, making it the perfect choice for the cooling summer nights and the transition into autumn.

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Pima Cotton

Pima cotton is one of the most exclusive cotton qualities, comprising only 10% of the world’s cotton production. The strong and long fibers of the pima cotton give it the inherent silky soft feel and durability >.

All pima cotton is grown in America and the pima cotton used by Balmuir comes from California.

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Relaxed Linen Garments

The BMuir linen collection consist of light-weight and airy garments that are made in Europe using 100 % linen. Relaxed linen garments are perfect for the beach but can also be easily accessorised for more festive occasions. The products are designed to be very versatile. Read more about the collection >.

Linen garment is easy to care for and becomes softer after every wash. Linen should be washed in accordance with the washing instructions and shaped while damp. Read more about the care instructions for linen >.

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