In Collaboration with Billebeino

BxBB | Balmuir x Billebeino


Balmuir’s collaboration collection BxBB was created together with the Finnish street fashion brand Billebeino. Inspired by the bold attitude of street fashion and high-quality natural materials, the goal was to create products that anyone, regardless of age or gender, could wear. Beanies made out of wool and cashmere mix and scarves made of 100% virgin wool suit both men and women. Classic neutral colours black and dark grey are easy to combine with different styles. The beanie is also available in Billebeino's signature colour red. The accessories are perfect for both city wear and outdoors. We asked Ville Leino, the founder of Billebeino to tell us more about his brand and his thoughts about the collaboration.


BxBB | Balmuir x Billebeino

What started Billebeino? 

Billebeino was created in Buffalo when I still played for NHL. I was recovering from and injury and spent a lot of my time painting. The signature I used became our logo. Billebeino’s co-founder, Juhani Putkonen and I wanted to use the signature for something and ended up making beanies and caps. When they sold well and people were still interested, we decided to make other products too and we’re still on that journey.

What inspires you with Billebeino?

I’m mostly inspired by the creative side, growth and developing our brand. Designing clothes and new, out of the box stuff is also inspiring, as well as collaborations.

How was the process of creating a collection together with Balmuir?

Balmuir and Billebeino have both been doing things bravely in their own style. There’s also a lot of similarities in the growth stories of both brands. The collaboration process was clear, as we had similar opinions on what the collection should be like. Naturally, getting the collection from the first ideas to launch takes time well over six months, but the process was relatively easy to finish.

What kind of a customer is the collection aimed at?

The collection is designed for both men and women, young and older stylish people. I’m very pleased with the products in the collection. The end result looks like both brands involved. The products are simple and stylish and I think they will be very popular.


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