Balmuir classics

Balmuir Classics

At Balmuir we create timeless classics that withstand time. That is why we love to celebrate our oldest collection items that have been loved by you ever since the beginning of our story.

Classic of the Month

Balmuir Velvet Ball Candle

The Balmuir velvet ball candles have long served as classic pieces in our collection, bringing joy to numerous homes and events. This candle collection was developed by an Italian family business after extensive product development. The manufacturing method for these candles is internationally patented, and they are produced in Poland.

Over the years, Balmuir have introduced a wide range of colors in our candles, offering over a hundred different shades in our collection. Balmuir ball candles are popular for gifts and souvenirs because they're versatile and fragrant. They come in lovely packaging that adds to their appeal. 

Classic of t

Aurora Kid Mohair scarf and Throw

The Aurora Kid Mohair collection gets its name from the "Aurora Borealis," which the soft, fluffy design and vibrant hues of the products resemble. The items in the Aurora collection are handmade using the soft and warm first wool of Angora goats.

Kid mohair does not cause itching or irritation to the skin, unlike the wool of adult goats. The surface material is naturally soft and fluffy, and each piece is finished with fringed edges. Our products are carefully crafted in South Africa, where our partner employs local women for the task.  Therefore, when you shop from the Aurora Kid Mohair collection, you not only get a unique and comfortable product but also contribute to empowering women.

Classic of the Month

Helsinki scarf

The Helsinki scarf is one of Balmuir’s longest standing products and made of the finest 100% cashmere. The lightweight, thinly knit scarf is known for its exquisitely soft and warm material as well as the iconic fringes, which are twisted by hand.

The scarf is a perfect companion for every moment in life, as it takes up very little space in your bag. The scarf can be opened into a wide shawl or worn thinly around neck.

Over the years, the scarf has been sold in over 80 different colours. The current selection features 15 different colours. 

Sisilia kitchen linen

The Balmuir classic of the month, the Sisilia kitchen linen collection, comprising napkins and kitchen towels, has been a beloved Balmuir collection staple for over 10 years. The Sisilia kitchen linens are made in Liettua of 100% linen by a manufacturer that is a long-time partner of Balmuir.

The linens have a softened feel, which is achieved through a special pre-washing treatment. Twice a year, the Sisilia collection is updated with new seasonal shades to complement the classic shades of the collection. Over the years, the Sisilia collection has been made in well over 50 different shades. Not only are the linens our most popular gift idea for guests who don’t want to show up empty handed, but are also a simple and elegant way to add an elevated feeling of quality to your kitchen and table decor. 

Sisilia keittiöpellavat

Balmuir ja Mifuko lanseeraavat yhteistyössä lifestyle-malliston, jossa käsityöperinne ja sen taidon ylläpitäminen ovat keskiössä. Mallisto sisältää ajattomia ja kauniita käsityötuotteita, joiden tarkoitus on tuottaa iloa sekä käyttäjälle että tuotteen valmistajalle Ghanassa. Malliston tuotteita ovat korilaukku, kortitarjotin ja lyhty, joka on saatavilla kahdessa eri koossa.

Malliston tuotteet valmistetaan käsityöperinteitä kunnioittaen vahvasta, aikaa kestävästä elefanttiheinästä, joka kasvaa villinä Pohjois-Ghanassa. Tuotteet valmistetaan perinteisillä punontatekniikoilla, jonka ansiosta tuotteet ovat hyvin kestäviä.