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Help for Ukrainians in Crisis


Balmuir condemns the war on Ukraine and has stopped all deliveries to Russia. Balmuir has decided to offer aid to Ukrainians taking refuge in Finland by donating products.
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Balmuir Glitter and Metallic ball candles to be withdrawn from sale


The safety and sustainability of the products are of utmost importance and a priority at Balmuir. All Glitter and Metallic ball candles will be withdrawn from sale as a preventive measure.
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Balmuir opened a Christmas Shop in Turku


Balmuir opened a Christmas Shop in Turku, Finland. The shop carries a wide selection of Balmuir products in fashion, accessories, home decoration and gift items. The shop is opened on Thursday 28.10. at 10.00 and it will serve till end of January.
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Balmuir’s Webstore Has Been Renewed


Balmuir’s Renewed webstore was launched September 28th 2021. In the process the webstore got an updated, more modern layout and different features to improve customer experience.
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The Design from Finland mark awarded to Balmuir


The Association for Finnish Work can award the Design from Finland mark for a product, product group or service, that strongly represents Finnish design skills.
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The new Nanna Susi x Balmuir art silk scarves


In collaboration with the Finnish artist Nanna Susi, Balmuir launches two art silk scarves during International Women’s Day week on March 5th 2020.
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The new acquiring partner 


Polap-Team Oy has acquired Wheslyn Group Oy, the owner of the lifestyle and fashion brand Balmuir. Polap-Team Oy is the parent company of the Finnish L-Fashion Group from Lahti. The acquisition supports the growth strategy of Balmuir and strengthens its international operation.
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The manufacturing of Balmuir home décor leather products in India.


On April 4th, 2019, Finnwatch released a report about Wheslyn Group Oy’s sourcing of Balmuir home decor leather products in India. The report focuses on H.S. Export, the partner of Wheslyn Group in India. According to the report’s findings, there are nonconformities in H.S. Exports supply chain in terms of wages and social security payments. Wheslyn Group takes these findings seriously and has taken immediate action to rectify the identified problems. 
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