Balmuir Care Spa

Balmuir Care Spa

Balmuir launched a Balmuir Care Spa maintenance and repair service in the Balmuir Brand Store in Helsinki in June 2022. 

Balmuir products are made to last; by maintaining our accessories and clothes made of natural materials, you can ensure that they will bring joy even to several different users for a long time. 

Balmuir advises and encourages its customers to maintain their Balmuir products. Balmuir offers its customers a Care Spa maintenance and repair service, where customers can service their Balmuir products at the Balmuir Brand Store in Helsinki. You can find more information about the service at the Balmuir Brand Store in Helsinki or by contacting Balmuir's customer service. 

The price of the servicing is determined according to the required measures. Basic accessories maintenance starts at €25 and knitwear maintenance at €49.

Balmuir Care Spa services include: 

  • Removing lint, brushing, cleaning, steaming and refreshing knitted products
  • Stain removal and washing
  • Patching of small holes and seam repair
  • The first measure included in basic maintenance is expelling possible pests by freezing the garment for a week.

Maintenance services are offered at the Balmuir Brand Store in Helsinki from June 2022 and they are available for all Balmuir knitwear products. The maintenance process lasts two weeks.

Balmuir Brand Stores in Helsinki and Oulu also offer maintenance tools, such as clothes brushes, lint removers and laundry detergent suitable for sensitive materials.