'Alavilla mailla hallan vaara'

Autumn / Winter 2024 Collection

The stillness of nature, the travel through four seasons, the calmness by the surface, the tender softness of grey and the vibrance of berries together tell a story of our origin.

The collection, titled after an old Finnish saying, draws inspiration from the Finnish simplicity and the beautiful yet barren nature preparing for winter. The focus of the collection centres around simplified, minimalistic designs and the special feel of the materials.


Seasonal Knits

The breathable and lightweight knits made of a premium wool and silk blend are excellent for adding soft and warm layers to your look. The Balmuir's wool silk blend is a material that combines the best qualities of two premium natural materials: 75% wool and 25% silk. 

The qualities of wool offer breathable and gentle warmth to the blend. The premium wool used in the material has a long wool fibre, which ensures a special softness and durability to the material. The silk on the other hand enhances the vibrancy and lustre of the material by reflecting light with a sophisticated sheen. 

The material feels exquisitely smooth and lightweight on, making the wool silk knits excellent choices for the cooling summer nights and the transition into autumn.


Autumn Must-Haves

  1. Balmuir emilia dress, balmuir dress, wool dress, dress for autumn
    Emilia dress
    From €290.00
  2. Balmuir ellen cardigan heather, balmuir cardigan, pink knit cardigan, cardigan
    Ellen cardigan
    From €200.00
  3. Balmuir eva rollneck black
    Eva rollneck
    From €180.00

Elegant Silk Clothing


Silk clothing can be described as luxurious, elegant, and soft to the touch. It is made from natural silk fibers that are smooth, breathable, and gentle on the skin.

Silk clothing is perfect for special occasions and formal events, providing a sophisticated and glamorous look. This type of clothing offers many benefits, such as moisture-wicking properties, hypoallergenic qualities, and resistance to wrinkles and static. Silk clothing is also highly versatile, suitable for both casual and dressy occasions.

Choose from a wide range of styles, colors, and patterns to express your unique sense of style. Overall, silk clothing is a must-have addition to any fashion-conscious individual's wardrobe.


Fashion New Arrivals

  1. balmuir fendy shirt black, black silk shirt
    Fendy shirt
    From €350.00
  2. balmuir fendy shirt ivory, white silk shirt
    Fendy shirt
    From €350.00
  3. Balmuir form skirt black, balmuir skirt, black silk skirt
    Form skirt
    From €390.00

Embrace the High-quality Materials


Wrap yourself in a soft blanket or duvet and enjoy the warmth and versatility of high-quality materials during the autumn days.

The Balmuir Vienna bed linen are decorated by a classic double-line embroidery. Due to the percale weaving the sheets have a subtle shimmer and silky-smooth surface. The bed linen have a high thread count of 300TC and they are made in Portugal.

The Vienna collection is available in two new shades; black and smoke.


Layers of Softness

Bring soft layers to your home décor with the new collection arrivals. The iconic B-logo series, comprising the B-logo cushion cover and throw, gets an updated look from new season shades.

The sandy combination of Camel and Ivory is a harmonious choice, when you are looking to soften up your décor with warmth. The Black and Ivory colourway on the other hand adds polished glamour when you wish to sharpen up your décor without taking away the luxuriously soft feel.

The textiles of the B-logo series are made of premium 90% wool with an added 10% of cashmere for an elevated feel.

New Arrivals

  1. vienna duvet cover, duvet cover, black
    Vienna duvet cover
    From €200.00
  2. vienna pillow case, pillow, pillowcase, pillow, white, black
    Vienna pillow case
    From €50.00