Nanna Susi x Balmuir – Art in Silk Scarves

Nanna Susi x Balmuir


Balmuir launches two art silk scarves in collaboration with the Finnish artist Nanna Susi during International Women’s Day week, March 5th 2020.


– We wanted to create an art collaboration celebrating wonderful, strong women. Balmuir’s products are inspired by Lapland, so Nanna Susi’s Moments Include Eternity exhibition’s artwork perfectly complements this ideology, says Balmuir’s CEO, Tiina Luhtanen.


Nanna Susi / Photo by Maarit Kytöharju

Nanna Susi is a Finnish artist whose expressive paintings convey strong colours and emotions. Her two Lapland themed paintings, Gold Panning and Hidings and Findings come to life in Italian silk through Nanna Susi x Balmuir collaboration.


The proposition for the collaboration surprised the artist, but she was happy to get involved. Luhtanen also felt the collaboration was a positive and interesting experience.

– The strong colours and emotional charge in Nanna Susi’s paintings are compelling. The scarves are not just a beautiful accessory, they have a deeper meaning and a story behind them.


In February, the finished scarves were photographed in oak frames as a part of the scenery that inspired them in Lapland.

– We wanted to bring the artwork to the source of their inspiration and convey the atmosphere in Lapland also outside the edges of the paintings. Gold Panning was photographed in breathtakingly beautiful scenery of Äkäsmylly rapids in Äkäslompolo, where the river continues to flow through the painting, explains Balmuir’s Head of Brand Marketing, Maija Pettersson.


– Hidings and Findings’ beautiful fell scenery continues on the top of Levi fell. During the photoshoot we were lucky to get the perfect winter weather in Lapland, creating the ideal circumstance. The only challenge was the strong wind, that didn’t make it easy to let the scarf become a part of the scenery. This is why we had to look for the perfect location and time for the photoshoot for longer, Pettersson describes.



Nanna Susi was photographed by Maarit Kytöharju.

 Nanna Susi x Balmuir