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The story of Balmuir SS23 collection ”On the Horizon” begins inland in Côte d'Azur, where we enjoy the dawning spring with effortless French elegance. As the hot summer days approach, we take refuge in the cooling sea breeze while sailing the perfectly blue waters of the Mediterranean coast, drawing inspiration from the nautical lifestyle. The SS23 collection is a celebration of colour, nautical designs and natural materials with a touch of the 70’s glamour of Southern France.



Starting the new year slowly and softly. Enjoying home and healthy lifestyle.

SS23 is launched by continuing the Bellecote cashmere collection with new knitwear. The collection combines beautiful cable and rib knit in classy sweaters that are perfect for various occasions. The neutral colour palette is brightened up with charming light blue.


Model wearing Balmuir Bellecote rib cashmere knit in the colour ivory.

Balmuir Bellecote

Comforting Cashmere

High-quality cashmere's level of fineness is measured in microns on a scale from 14 to 30. The lower the micron number, the higher quality the fibre is. The cashmere used in Balmuir’s products is 15.5–16 microns with a fibre length of 34–35 millimetres. Long fibres do not snap as easily as short ones. 80% of our cashmere manufacturers have been third party audited. We require taking the welfare of animals into consideration in all activities.


Stay comfortable wearing Balmuir's merino wool slik blend garnments. The merino wool silk blend material is perfect for trasitioning from warm to cool making it the perfect travel companion. 

Elegant merino wool silk blend

The extra fine merino wool silk blend is a new material that combines the best qualities of two premium natural materials: merino wool and silk. Balmuir’s extra fine merino wool silk blend contains 75% extra fine merino wool and 25% silk. Merino wool offers breathable and gentle warmth to the blend.



Taking the time and enjoying the home. Elevate your home decor with rich, deep tones dark navy blue, refreshed by enjoyable lemon yellow. 


New Carlo Bed Linen series, 500TC Supima Cotton

The high-quality Carlo bed linen are crafted in Portugal and made of 100% supima cotton. The supima cotton bed linen have a high thread count (500TC), which guarantees the products are durable and long-lasting. 


Set sails towards the Mediterranean horizon.


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Balmuir SS23 Collection 

Discover the beautiful SS23 Spring-Summer collection from Balmuir. Inspired by southern France, filled with high-quality cashmere knits, merino wool tops and cardigans, and stunning home decor items and bed linen.