Balmuir Glitter and Metallic ball candles to be withdrawn from sale

Press Release 12.1.2022


The withdrawal applies to all colours of the defected product.

The safety and sustainability of the products are of utmost importance and a priority at Balmuir. We have been informed that the surface material of some Glitter and Metallic ball candles have caught on fire around the flame of the candle.

The safety instructions that accompany the product have not been a sufficient measure in preventing the risk. All Glitter and Metallic ball candles will be withdrawn from sale as a preventive measure to ensure the absolute safety of our customers regarding these products. Subsequently the withdrawal covers all colours of the products. The withdrawal does not apply to the matte-surfaced Velvet and Festivo ball candles.

Balmuir will conduct an investigation and research on how to develop the products and ensure their safe return to the selection.

We instruct our customers to immediately cease the use of the aforementioned products. We welcome our customers to return their purchased Glitter and Metallic ball candles to any Balmuir Brand Store or alternatively contact the the Balmuir Customer Service for instructions on how to make the return. All purchases of the withdrawn products will be compensated in full. The customer can also choose to destroy the product by taking the products to a mixed waste disposal at the nearest recycling point.

We apologise for the defect and the inconvenience caused to our customers.

The recall does not apply to matte Velvet ball candles.

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