BMuir Leather Collection

BMuir leather collection is a premium line of elegant leather skirts and trousers.
BMuir collection is a part of the Balmuir brand.

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Premium Leather Clothes

BMuir leather skirts and leggings are an excellent addition to your autumn and winter wardrobe. Add a touch of attitude to your look with sleek, smooth leather combined to your favourite soft sweater.

BMuir’s leather clothes are made of soft lamb nappa leather from Norway and Southern Africa and they are sewn in Turkey. Soft cotton lining makes the garments easy and comfortable to wear. Clothing made from genuine leather is warm, but breathable, making them an excellent choice for cooler weather.

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Take Care of Your Leather Garments

Balmuir recommends airing out your leather garments regularly and letting them rest between use. Leather garments do not need a lot of washing, but when necessary, we recommend professional dry cleaning. Learn more about the care instructions > >

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