Care Instructions

Leather Garment Care

Balmuir recommends airing out your leather garments regularly and letting them rest between use. Leather garments do not need a lot of washing, but when necessary, we recommend professional dry cleaning Please note, that all leather garments may contain some excess colouring. Avoid contact with light coloured clothing and other materials until the leather has slightly worn, and the risk of transferring colour is over.

Care Instructions

Since leather is a natural material, it is never completely smooth. Leather garments should not be ironed, but distracting wrinkles caused by shipping or storage can be carefully ironed by way of exception. The sharpest wrinkles do not necessarily completely disappear with an iron, but they will smooth out in use.


  • Use the lowest setting of the iron (one dot or 110 °C).

  • Use an undyed cloth between the garment and the iron (ie. cotton or linen).

  • Iron on the inside, gently pressing and carefully moving the iron.

  • Do not use steam.

  • Do not iron on the seams.

Daily Care:

  • Best care for leather garments is airing them out regularly, especially in a humid weather.

  • If your leather garment gets soaked, we recommend drying it flat on a cotton towel.

  • Small stains can be wiped off with a damp paper cloth.

  • Store leather garments on a sturdy hanger in an airy space. Leather trousers can be stored by hanging them from the ankles with clips on a trouser hanger.